shenandoah !!! what a river

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hey me and a few mates were comming back from murch on the weekend and everything was in flood. we stopped and scouted this river and decided to paddle it. to our suprise there one 3-4m waterfall and another 3m one and the rest of it was like a rolercaoster. one compulsary portage over some steep terain and then some nice holes before we got out just below the bridge. the river is called the Shenandoah and it goes off!!! put in about 350m above the bridge and take out left below bridge.
most can be scouted just off the road. first falls line is hard right over the tounge and seccond one is left between the two trees. portage is not far past that. make the eddies as you cant really see the tree blocking the river.
if anyone has paddled this good stuff otherwise keep your eye out for the high water under the bridge and go exploring
peace and take care
josh neilson

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Sounds amazing ... would love to go here one day.