Orari Damming


On the home page you may have seen the article on the proposed damming of the Orari river. This is a great river, grade 2, and is a favourite of mine and a lot of ppl i know. It may be a simple run, but it is a great place to teach beginners, learn and practise new moves and is not far away. If this river goes, it leaves a big hole in progression of grades in this area. The survey has 10 simple questions, so ppl who have paddled it b4 i urge you to send it in, its the least we can do. Thanx

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Survey forms are available here:


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I've been asked to fill out the survey regarding the damming of the Orari- I've paddled it a few times, have friends that paddle it a lot and would like it not to be dammed! The site I've been given requires a log in name and password- can you forward me a copy of the survey that doesn't need that.
Keen to have a say in this!