More ambiguity from Biosecurity.


I have received another ambiguous missive from Biosecurity in the mail.

What is wrong with these people? Can they not phrase sentances in a cogent manner?

The new Controlled Area will require individuals to ensure their equipment is cleaned using approved methods when exiting the South Island and before entering another waterway.

Aside from the obvious individual/group loophole, does this mean
1) ... cleaned before (exiting the South Island and before entering another waterway)
2) (... cleaned when exiting the South Island) AND (... cleaned before entering another waterway).

The former makes more sense, why else would they mention exiting the South Island, but the latter seems to be what they are implying.

Does anying actually know, that is, has talked to someone about it?


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Hi Rex

I also have your concerns about Biosecurity NZ's apparent inability to give a clear, unambiguous message and have spoken directly to our (NZRCA's) liaison person at Biosecurity NZ on this matter.

However, the key message from Biosecurity NZ, and one which I support, is "Check, clean, dry between EVERY river". This is the only way we are going to restrict the spread of didymo or any other future nasty that is either currently undetected or enters our waterways in the future.