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Air access re: Wilderness Areas


I've just spent ages trying to locate definitive maps of wilderness area boundaries with poor results. Anyone out there know where to locate say, a map of the Tasman Wilderness area? Online preferably.

Also, is there any precedent regarding legitimate flying into a W.A. with boats under the pretext of a scientific investigation or otherwise?

In other words, who's keen to come do some first descents and count blue ducks?

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have a yean to matty.he has got a mate who hunts for doc.
see you during the week anyway.
hope the oprara was sweet:-)

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You might want to make a submission regarding publication of WA boundaries to the Walking Access Consultation document. See


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DoC did put the Adams WA map online, but kept shifting the URL, so I reproduced it here . I would simply chase up DOC, as one would think that they would have a statutory obligation to enable people to avoid encroaching on wilderness areas. I suspect they simply rely on heli operators knowing the boundaries.


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Yeah it seems funny that info is hard to come by. You'd think DOC would be quite explicit about WA boundaries. Maybe we could plead ignorance...? I guess Heli operators would be in the know. Cheers for your help, bro.

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I've asked the guys at Map World (Chch) to check waht's in stock and the only thing is a general outline of WA's on some smaller scale maps. They are looking into it for me and if I can get any better info, I'll let you know.

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