Save the Mokau - paddle it on 3 August

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The hearing committee who will decide if the MOKAU DAM goes ahead are doing a site inspection on 3 August. A presence on the river that day is worth a try as the committee would see for themsleves how much we value this unique but soon to be inundated piece of NZ whilewater.

If you do decide to go you might just check with me 027 444 7779 to make sure thay have not changed the date. Alan Bell

The hearing is in Te Kuiti from 31 July to 10 August. NZRCA and others will be putting our case agaibst the dam on Aug 8th. Moral support is welcome, the hearing is open to the public (in the Arts and Culture Centre)

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Bloody hell! So many dams, so little time.

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Don't forget the Gowan, Nevis, Arnold and Parapara...


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Congratulations on the TVNZ coverage.

Love to help, but down in the middle of the SI we have the Waimakariri, Rakaia, Hurunui and now the Mokihinui to worry about.

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BTW the RWWC will be there in force - smile big.

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They don't make rivers any more! What are these freaks up to? No more dams!