Dam on Mohikinui or Mokihinui ?

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Mokihinui. the proposal is pretty unacceptable... It is threatening a rare species of long finned eel that swims to tonga to spawn.

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Mokihinui it is! Thanks for the note.


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found this the other day have a read


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Hi Dave

I'm NZRCA's SI Conservation Officer.

Yes there will be a consent hearing but you may have missed the boat on this. Written submissions on the resource consent application closed several weeks ago. People who submit written submissions can appear at the consent hearing and speak in support of their submission.

If you want you can try a late submission. I don't know if WCRC will wear it but in the case of Central Plains Water , Ecan (the Canty Regional Council) accepted at least one late sbmission that I know of. Tell them you were out of the country paddling or something.
Here is the consent page: http://www.wcrc.govt.nz/consents/notified/?id=7362&sec=Public%20Notices
You can ring WCRC on 0508 800 118 to see if they will accept a late submission.
If you do a submission you don't have to fill in much detail if you don't want to, but tick the box saying you'd like to be heard at the hearing.

There are other ways you can help:
- Ben Jackson has posted a couple of vids on both youtube and facebook (the Kiwi Kayakers group) , you could do something similar.
- Keep up with the media and write letters to Greymouth Star, The Press etc whenever they print uninformed articles about "renewable" hydro power (water is renewable, rivers are not. Eg: if you decommission a wind generator the place is as good as new, but you can't decommision a river back to its undammed state) , or regional economic advantages of dams like the Mokihinui (they're all controlled from elsewhere, the ongoing employment is just mowing lawns at the powerhouse)
- Keep up with other projects so you can submit before they close. NZRCA will always post an article about projects as soon as we learn of them. If we haven't, let us know.. we depend on the network of paddlers.

So everyone knows what we're up against these days, here’s a list of paddling rivers that are potentially on the chopping block in the next 20 or so years. They are listed in recent Electricity Commission or Transpower documents.

North Island
· Kaituna River– “lower”, “upper” and Okere Falls
· Whakapapanui River
· Papamanuka Stream
· Tarawera River – at lake outlet, Falls and Te Matae Rd
· Mohaka River – lower (as early as 2010)
· Rangitaiki River (at Kiorenui)
· Ruakituri River– Waitangi Falls
· Pohangina River
· Mangawhero River
· Whangaehu River

South Island
· Mokihinui River
· Waitaha River
· Matiri River
· Clarence River (possible diversion to Waiau River)
· Arahura River
· Taipo River
· Toaroha River (potentially by 2011)
· Kakapotahi River (potentially by 2012)
· Nevis River
· Wairau River

Tony Ward-Holmes

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Is there way we can get involved in opposing this? I know the NZRCA is against it but is there a petition or public hearings that general members of the public can get behind? We can't afford to lose even more free flowing rivers and the more people who speak up the netter.