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Hi to anyone who will read this. Dont know much about it but I saw a documentary (sky sport)on some radical dudes who did a whole heap of rivers including aratiatia rapids, nevis bluff and a westcoast beach surfing masive waves. If I am correct, is the guy who was in charge of the vid named Ben Brown? and there was a South African guy too who was also amazing. Anyway, my question is, I wanted to get hold of the footage and watch it again for personal development for paddling. Is it for sale somewhere? or has someone got a copy i could buy? thank you. email me or txt on 027 2040773

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Thank you to all who responded. I now have enough leads to the video. And sorry for coming through the conservation section to ask. thank you.

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I can help you Wil. You have mail.

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thank you for the reply. Is the footage actually sold anywhere in NZ? I am really keen on owning a copy as I was blowin away and inspired how they acheived the goals as myself am training to paddle Huka Falls a long time dream of mine. thank you.

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The video you're thinking of is the Red Bull Roots Tour including kiwi kayakers Ben Brown, Jared Meehan and Greg Thomas, and South African Steve Fisher. They run Aratiatia (bottom 1/3), Maruia Falls, Styx (where Fisher escapes from a pin), surf at Greymouth, run the Fox, Arahura (x2), Perth, Nevis Bluff, Hollyford/Marian Creek, then Aratiatia whole run.

Some pics:
It was discussed on this site earlier