well didymo still on the spread.... bugger. whether it be from birds, deer, fishermen or kayakers we all should shoulder some of the blame- and we should ALL be taking the correct measures to avoid it spreading futher. i have been hearing of some cases where our 'rolemodels' are not taking the correct measures and or suppling information about didymo. these 'rolemodels' have had their lives or businesses based around the rivers of nz, in turn you would think they would have the good grace to try and preserve the environments that have helped create them.
people look up to these people.... monkey see monkey do!
all of us non guro's should not follow the old and wise, but do what is required to try and stop didymo. washing our gear after each run will not only make us smell better but also help our rivers out, what is the problem with it anyway, we do it after a surf dont we?
we should all lift our game and protect our rivers.

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Couldn't agree more.

Clean between all rivers in NZ!

Use household disinfectant - it makes the job cheap and easy:

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Couldn't agree more Blake. Big thumbs up to the Hawkes Bay regional council who came round work the other day with a box of detergant spray bottles and info packs on didymo to add to the posters etc we already display. Wash your gear, theres nothing worse than beer sweat soaked polys left in the back ofthe suby for 3 days.