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Hullo all.

Hydro - electric power generation is well and truly in the news these days. Not yet in the news is a newly formed organisation called Wild Rivers Action Project. WRAP has been formed by a group of individuals concerned at the incremental degradation of NZ’s remaining wild rivers by hydro-electric development.

www.wrap.org.nz is a portal to an online petition which asks parliament to :

1)To educate all New Zealanders about the social and environmental costs of their electricity use, promote the efficient use of power, and discourage unnecessary power consumption all the year round, and not just when shortages loom;
2)To provide incentives to consumers to reduce their power use;
3)Urgently to study and develop alternative means of electricity generation;
4)Emphasise the generation and administration of electricity as a public good rather than a means of generating profits for state-owned or privately-owned corporations’;
5)In short, to help our nation to become one which lives happily together in harmony with the earth, and not sacrificing our natural heritage for short-sighted gains.

We entreat everyone who shares these views to sign the petition !

Tony Haddon
Mike Drake
2 Ralphine Way
546 8328