rubbish left at campsite

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just finished a motu trip and was supprised and disapointed to find that a pile of empty stubbies had been left at one of the existing campsites. This is not on as it took us a day and a half paddling to get there and a day to get out from there. as a comunity we should be ensuring that we dont ruin the beautifull places that we visit.

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I would not rush out to blame kayakers for that, I still like to think the ethos of "carry out what you carry in" is still strong with paddlers who goto the trouble and time of doing a Motu.
There are a lot more hunters targeting the upper gorges and leaving rubbish at the camp sites on the Motu now than river users... A couple of months ago we found several campsites that had semi permanent camps set up with stuff that had been flown into the river (including the tail rotor from the helicopter hanging from the tree) even a metal water tank that had been turned into a pig trap and some horse gear for hunting trips, there are several huts that look like they are used regularly now and we found a Opossum line that a hunter does daily on a 4 wheel motorbike with his dogs and a gun. I was also quite surprised that the jet boats are getting a lot further upstream than they used too, we found two sunken abandoned jet boats on our trip, and one up higher than I have ever seen, using a winch to pull them up even! this is also a testament that we saw no deer pigs, or goats in the bottom half of the lower gorge in comparison to the upper gorge where we saw half a dozen deer and shot a lot of goats on the banks.
I guess the reality is that these remote areas are becoming more sought after and technology means that a lot more people are able to get there quicker and take more junk!
PS If anyone finds a purple Dagger solo open canoe tied to a tree I am still looking for it and would love to get it back.... couldn't find it last time so will have to do another trip, bummer;-)