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Hey guys just to let you all no my self and some other paddlers from AUT were paddling Anewhenua on the 4th march wednesday and both our cars got broken into and alot of camping gear such as tents cookers packs and dry tops were stolen along with walets and cell phones.
This was at the get in not the get out. Murapara police were not very interested in the case. Just a Question who sick an tired of these bastards ripping us off at such locations such as this and kiatuna, mid section, and shoulkd we be doin something about it? I no i am tired of letting these peolple hinder what we love to do!!!
Your thoughts.
Cheers Cam.

jojo's picture

nuts... think we're heading there this weekend. wouldn't advocate taking things into your own hands too much round Murupara... maybe chocolate + beer for shuttles is the best approach!

CJ's picture

I hope our 20 dollars worth of bacon from the chilly bin at least got eaten. So sad.

ben23's picture

Our group had cookers, chilly bin full of food, etc stolen from the Ani campground last weekend, overnight while there were people around. Had stuff taken from tents last year while on the river - thinking it would be safer there than in the cars. Cheers for the warnings re car breakins - we left a person with them and had no problems.

danriley's picture

cameras are good, if you find someone happy to fund them i am happy to help with placement etc...

cameron.walker's picture

Leaving with locals is good when there is houses are close. I wasn't thinking of vigilantism just things like placing cameras or signs warning of cameras. Any way if we carry on not worrying about it and nothing happens we lose in the end. Cheers for the suggestions.

danriley's picture

thats the truth but what do you suggest?

damo's picture

If you don't speed, you don't have to give the 'revenue collecting cops' any money. And you could spend your time and money asking around and getting to know the locals so that you can leave cars someplace safe or maybe even getting them to do shuttles on longer runs?

bk's picture

Well if the normal channels are to approch the revnue collecting cops sitting on the side of the road taking the easy money You may as well just @!#$ IN THE WIND HUH! .

danriley's picture

hey Man, I'm with you. I haven't had anything stoien but know what my approach would be if it does happen. if you want to get serious about that stuff then be very carefull! My honest advice without knowing you is to just go through the normal channels, it wouldnt be good to start something you can't finish and have to live with the consequences.



Bruce Webber's picture

Hey,at the camp there are usually people staying there; a bottle of wine or roses chocolates goes a long way. I use shuttle drivers and pay them; the best insurance out there. At Kawerau I take the locals paddling they know us and our truck and all say hi be it the good ol eye brow lift. I've had my car broken into at a major tourist attraction in Rotorua, It will happen but I know we can do stuff to minimise the damage.