any info on damming

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Hi everyone,
im doing a presentation to my polytech class on "to dam or not to dam". I know there will be lots of paddlers who feel passionatly about this topic. So any info people can give me will be greatly appreciated, or even if you just steer me in the direction of an expert on the subject.

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thanks tony

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So is the Board of Inquiry into the National Policy Statement for Renewable Electricity.

More than you'll want to know here:


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dude im wrighting a paper on this as well, realy random timing, my angle is power but at river cost.

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Hi Elsy

It's all there on

Unfortunately the content has outgrown the site so it isn't always easy to find. This is being worked on but we are all volunteers and it takes time. In the meantime, I recommend you use the sitemap to browse the site, there is a link in the left margin of the home page, or here is the url:

Recommentations to check out: (mag which contains both the above articles) (a very prescient warning of what we are facing now)

And search for the Mokihinui on youtube, eg:

.. a debate from a primary school in Auckland!! :

hope this helps
Tony Ward-Holmes
NZRCA Conservation Officer