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Hi All

Go to this link to see the lastest news on the Mokihinui Dam.

One part of this article states that Meridian chief executive Tim Lusk said its hydro project had the "overwhelming support" of locals, and security of supply would be significantly improved.

I cant stand when chief executives of these companies make statements like this!! I mean who are they talking too?? Obviously they have not been talking to people who use the river. I live in Westport and I see all too often reports from locals in the local paper that say they are in support of the dam and most of the time these people have no idea what they are saying.

What im trying to say is that they are un-educated on what the auctual consequences of putting the dam in place are. I dont mind people having an opinion but when it is an un-educated one where they have not looked at the facts then I get really pissed off. Especially when the local papers put those stupid things on the front page about what the locals think and then go and ask randum people what they think about something (THE DAM) that they dont really know anything about!

So what happens now?? Environment court for an appeal!! Then what happens if it passes through that?? There will now be a precedence set for other hydro proposals around New Zealand. If they can get the Mokihinui Dam approved and the river is recogonised as one of the most prestine rivers in New Zealand then what will stop them from doing it to others. The answer is nothing. Where is John Key in all this?? He is the minisiter of Tourism and Tourism in NZ means clean green image. Not 85 meter concrete walls on every river we have.

Well thats my bit for now.

P.S im off to paddle the Mokihinui at the end of April if any one is keen to come, it might be your last chance.