"Mad with power"... a Mokihinui article in the Nelson Mail


"A pristine part of West Coast wilderness stands to be sacrificed to generate more electricity, but as NAOMI ARNOLD reports, the decision has been met with resignation as much as anger.

In 2008, when Karamea tramper and conservationist Margaret Rich heard about Meridian Energy's proposal to build a dam on the Mokihinui River, she went to the site, stood in the tumbling water and gazed up, trying to visualise a dam the height of a 20-storey building looming above the wild river. "..... more below...


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And we've just seen that DOC have also appealed the Mokihinui decision... look at:


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Conservation Officer Tony Ward Holmes has lodged Whitewater NZ's appeal of the decision to dam the Mokihinui River today. We'll provide more information as it comes available.