Canterbury Water Woes

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For those not in Canterbury we would value your support for our Rivers and Environment. YOU can do this simply by joining this Facebook group:
Essentially the National/Act (NACT) Government have removed our local democracy and installed Commissioners (read Commissars) to run Environment Canterbury with additional powers including the ability to revisit and allow "mining" of Water Conservation Orders already in place or pending on Canterbury Rivers. Kayakers have fought long and hard for these WCOs. You can see this WCO assault as the thin end of the wedge and your area will be next.
The flimsy excuse Nick Bainimarama and his cohort use is that ECan was not working. However ECan did not run the WCO process; but the Minister himself did! Thus they have installed a bunch of Commissars who are heavily weighted towards business and industrial farming. They claim to have included an environmentalist but in fact his expertise is in engineering and business - the cement business to be precise. And the Dame in charge has already told her new workers at ECan she "is there to do what the Government tells her to do".
So the outcome will be more dams on our local rivers (the Hurunui for starters), more water extraction, and more downstream pollution. Already the water supply in the Canterbury town of Dunsandel is polluted from industrial dairying infiltration and people have been sick - that is in a well 70m deep.
We need the support of people outside Canterbury to fight this democratic and environmental outrage. So please join the facebook group Canterbury: Our Water and ask as many people as possible to do so too. If you want to do more please write to MPs.
thanks and Good Boating in natural clean water (while it lasts)