Research- White Water Rescue Safety Courses

Im am conducting research on the value of whitewater/ swift water rescue courses within New Zealand and how people go about certifying themselves and their staff with recognized Whitewater courses within our Kayaking/ Rafting/ Schooling and Education Industry.

* If you are a raft organization/ guide, what mandatory rescue qualifications/ courses have you sat and where did you do them? - How often do you need to re-new this award?

* If you teach Kayaking professionally in a commercial setting what Kayak/ Water qualifications do you hold and do you hold a Whitewater Rescue certificate/ qualification along with this?

* If you do have a Whitewater/ Swift water rescue certification, how did you source the company to run the award?
- Was this an easy process?

* If you are a OE school teacher and lead students near, across, or on rivers- Do you hold any qualifications in relation to river safety?

* Do you believe a 'stand-alone' Swift Water Rescue Institute based in New Zealand would benefit the industry and improve safety among Raft guides, Kayakers, Industry professionals, School groups, general educational groups and the general public?

My interest is geared towards furthering New Zealand's Whitewater/ River Safety and Rescue awareness. I have an idea that I would love to implement, with help from YOU and the whitewater community I can help provide New Zealanders with increased awareness and safety on our rivers.

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas you may like to share. You can either post back into this forum, or contact me directly with your thoughts/ ideas at

Thank you for your time,


Andy Wells