Waikato Falls

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If anyone claims to have run these falls, as a resident of Turangi and a Shuttle operator to the Kaimanawa Ranges we would have to recommend that some form of proof is supplied. The canyon is so narrow and severe that a death wish is necessary. If you do contemplate this we recommend that you view the canyon from the bridge on Kaimanawa Road. This will dispell any adrenalin junkies fron taking another step!
\Posted only in the interest of your saftey and the time of those who will have to come and retreive your remains!

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-.- he (sanga) was talking to you.

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As Sanga said more research is required by you. As far as I am aware it is only the bottom fall that is run and not the tight section you speak of above it .

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You might want to do a bit more research on whitewater kayaking before you start ranting on a forum aimed specifically at this topic. Thanks for your concern though...