PFD Research.

Hey I'm designing a rescue vest for uni and am after as much information as I can get.
If you don't mind and have the time can you answer a few questions for me?

What vests have you owned and used?
What do you like about them?
What is annoying about them?
Did anything break?

If used in a stressful situation (e.g a rescue) did it work as expected or what hassle did it cause you?
What do you look for in a vest when purchasing? e.g coolness, features, buoyancy, fit, matching, movement.

Any other issues you have had or bits you like?

Cheers guys will be much appreciated

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I used to have a Downunder BV that had a small backpack pocket for a throwbag. It was awesome as it ment I had the bag handy whenever I was wearing the BV. I find large pockets on the front restrict me getting into a good roll position. Must haves for me include a towline and knife lashtab.