Anawhenniwa(?) Falls

I have good reason to believe that there is a rock in the middle of the base of the falls that can do you serious mischief when the level is low.

I don't think you can see it from the side and I was in too much of a rush to check it from river level.

This has caused me quite some pain; enough to warrant checking.'s picture

Just one thing.
The flow over the water fall does not change (down) contrary to common belief.
There is brass plaque on the river right side in the pool above the fall that has a level mark on it.
I have never seen the river flow go below this (the power co. min Flow) Altho it does go up.
The rock shelf on the left line over the falls has broken the ass out of dozens of kayaks the best advice is to take the centre line.'s picture

Try waiting for the dam to open (After rain) and put on just below the dam. Really nice reasonably short 3 that will keep you on your toes. Watch for wood and dont try if more than 80ish cumecs (unless you got yor big balls on)
Doesnt happen often but the siren is worth the wait.'s picture

Barney from Turangi??? All good, nice to see that you keeping the side up!!! Its been kinda quiet up here at the mo but the rain ova the last few dayz has given us some river time and kept the ladz away from the razor blades.
Drop me a line and tell me what you are up to OR



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A little of the subject here, but theres a good grade 3ish rapid above the falls about 150m walk from the gates. nice stair case rapid, nothing keeping but there is a chance of a nasty pin. good for those good fellas taking newbies down to have fun on. from there just paddle down to the falls.

As far a the rock in the middle goes, cant say ive kissed it myself but i have heard other stories, and what ever you do dont go left hehehe

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hey kane just thought id say hi

it barny here just thought id say a big hello sends i aint seen you for ages im now in chch and paddle and amp's picture

With that entry I doubt that the rock was rock was the culprit of your horrific injuries. The pissing in the river incident I believe will bring about many of these type injuries the river will remember and is an unforgiving beast once treated badly (Similar to a mother in law really) next time try and use the ablutions situated a the top of the run or pick an unsuspecting willow and try to kill it with the group pee on a tree method.

Hope the back is better and look outside, its raining. The influx of water may make you feel better.

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Injured backs can also occur from the planing out of the boat violently, even under the water. Sort of a supa violent wiplsh type thing - trust me I know from silly seal launches from great heights! Having thrown myself off that waterfall for years - even at low flows I'd say the rock was perhaps not the culprit. Trust you get better soon. (still impressed with your approach to running the roller coaster the day or so before...)

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Whilst not an absolute river god I don't think I class as a newbie either. The drop was videoed, my line was everything I'd have aimed for. The actual effect was like a flat landing onto green water despite an entry of 45 degrees.

The level was low but not obviously a scrape.

In hindsight I think I my have pissed in a river a few days earlier. I don't think I can stress enough the importance of not pissing in the river. Recent studies in the States have shown that the resulting karma damage can be more destructive than the Ebola virus. Take heed - one silly unthinking moment and then you're spending the next six weeks lieing flat being thankful you still have bladder control.

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Damn, Welshman! Worse than racking your back on the Falls would be being called a newbie in a chat room! Sorry to hear about the bad line and the consequences, but at least you can concentrate now on what you do best. Another round, mate? cheers, Robert's picture

There has been a rock outcrop at the bottom of the falls for as long as the waterfall has been there. The people that hit it, have cracked boats and twisted their toes for years. To hit it you have to have NO speed a badish entry and nose the landing (Not an east feat). The rock is situated just right of middle and awaits the next learners ankles as we speak. If your going to drop people off the falls wait at the top and give the newbys a push for good line and speed. You will find that you wont have the problem again.

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How low was the flow? Was the gravel bar downstream of the power station well out of the water? A group of us went off two weeks ago at low flow with no problems. The longest boat to go off was a Cosmic. I've heard of one other person hitting the bottom but that was in a dancer about 4 years ago.