air under water

"I was completely submerged. Don't know if I had air at first, but within seconds I had positioned myself so that the stream of water passing around me created a tunnel of air extending 4-5 feet, a metre and a half, from my body" Rob Leroy.

Does anyone know how this is done? Just interested that's all...

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I assume this is when your entrapped some how.

by having your face down sream i creates an air pocket you can breath in.

last year on the wiaroa a guy got foot entrapped above the water fall he was there for 10 mins before anyone couldget near him to rescue him. when some one get to him they assumed he was dead but as they went to grab him he started to claw at the would be rescuer's feet, imagine the look on the rescuers face.

but, of course prevention is always the best option