Need work in N. Z. for summer =)

Hey! My name is Erin and I'm from Tahoe, California. I usually work as a whitewater river guide here but am ready for something new. I really, really want to get to New Zealand, but unfortunatly I"m poor starving college student and need to work while there. Any help would so appreciated. I'm open to anything, but really, really would like something outdoors and wild! =) I want to have fun while working my way through vacation. thanks!'s picture

Try the cats down at River Valley they are often after "Slaves". They dont pay a whole lot normally but free accom and food is always good. Its a cool place to hang out for a while some class water to paddle and the people are all good.

Web site:

They have a jobs at the valley area. They were after someone to cook a while ago.

Good luck in your quest