Paddle offsets for rolling

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I have been a waveski driver for some 20 years and have always used a paddle with a 90 degree offset. This is a heavy beast and requires a lot more effort to roll than a conventional kayak. While this orientation gives me a natural paddle position for a roll putting the paddle to my left side, I have never been able to master a roll in the opposite direction as this requires some contortion to get the blade at the right angle.
I recently tried a blade with zero offset (both blades in line) With this I can roll to both sides, but it has drawbacks in eg windy conditons or just comfort..
Any suggestions on how to get the correct blade orientation for rolling in both directions, with a 90 degree paddle. ???

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Perhaps you should try a comprimise. Alot of the new playboating videos suggest 45 degrees or less. As I understand it 12 to 15 degrees is neutral although I use 60 and dont have a problem with anything such as rolling.

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You know like a Werner which doesn't have really have a key grip on your handed side. BUt the shaft is oval at the ends where your hands are and the ovals are lined up so that you have keys for both hands. So now you have a key for each side to help you line up the blade for the roll.