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I attended a meeting last week held by the MSA in Paihia.
The meeting was to investigate the need for MSA to regulate or liscence comercial kayaking activities in any way, similar to what happened with the rafting industry.
This seems to be in responce to 3x comercial kayaking/canoeing accidents in the last couple of years.
(2 girls in Hanmer springs and 1 death on the Buller river).

Only about 12 persons from diferent sectors of the kayak industry attended the meeting (mostly seakayaking).
From listening to what they had to say it apperars that the MSA has had almost no reports or contact with the kayaking sector and they profess to have no knowledge on who the industry is or how big it is. So not many people were invited
If you teach, guide or rent out a kayak or two even if it is only once a year any where in NZ you are potentialy
facing regulations.
As an industry we need to start compiling a database of companies we can give to the MSA so they can better consult the industry.