Where can i find information on safety and rivers

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This is my first season kayaking and im keen to read more about river rescueing and water Hydraulics and safety as we are starting to run rivers by our selves and want to have as much knowlege as possable. Any web sites or book titles. thanks

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Franco Ferrero's book whaite water safety and rescue is a good start

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yer im the same that book helped me heaps aswell its real simple to understand

safe boating

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Those in the club will most probably be in the position to give you first hand knowledge of what to look for, whats dangerous, how to avoid being there and if you or your mate didnt.....How to make the hasty retreat. A big hydraulic just dosnt seem to cut it in pics on a page and setting up a rope rescue etc is the only way to learn it well and be quick about the job.

Sometimes its good to invest in a course. Depends on the finances and your location.

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Join a club too. Lots of paddlers have heaps of books on paddling and some might even be nice and lend them to you. They will also, hopefully, tell you where to go and help you get there to get the knowlege you need.

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a book that I found really helpfull when I was starting out is 'Kayak' by William Nealy. It's all cartoons, but is great for getting a handle on the concepts. It's also very entertaining and funny. you should be able to find it on Amazon or at a gear shop



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and thats at C.O.W (0800 More Fun)

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hy chris

dont know if ya in the chch area but we have a huge range of books on ww rescue including 'the bible' come in have a brouse if ya like

shine on

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River Rescue by Les Becdel and Slim Ray is a 'bible'

Also, the various River Safety Reports from the American Canoe Association are sobering reading, eg.