River By-laws

Is there a National body established that has formalised safety standards for the use of fresh water, open canoes in New Zealand. MSA advise they do not have the mandate and due to the deaths in the S.Island the Canoeing Associations were lobbying with local government.

Please advise what stage this is at and who is dealing with who as I am on the Whanganui River By laws working party and we are currently looking at the transfer or delegation of powers for control and enforcement.

Appreciate your help as I work for an iwi organisation and we have designed a River Guide training course with the NZQA pilot to be run in September specific to the Whanganui River.

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Care needs to be taken using NZQA. From my experence NZQA is not good where judgement is needed as part of a assessment. Also we use SFRITO and have had trouble passing qualifications due to units not being in the scope of an assessor (and unable to get it in there scope) and therefore unable to pass a qualification.

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To date there is no nationaly recognised formal safety standard for any form of kayaking in NZ.
Informaly there are many organizations that adopt their own code of practices these vary from comercial operators to clubs to national organizations.
Nationaly all recreational kayaking is covered by Rule 91 of the MSA which can be viewed at
This rule is new for the kayak community and i believe it poses a lot of problems in regards to issues like BA's as almost none of the items used in NZ now meet the requirements that have been imposed.
MSA is currently undertaking a series of meetings with the industry to investigate the need of regulation (similar to the rafting industry). The first of which was held in Pihea a couple of months back. The next is scheduled for Nelson area sometime soon i understand.