Pressure in Paddling research. Experiences - Good, Bad


I am currently conducting research looking at the presence of peer pressure in kayaking and it's effects, positive and negative.

Basically, if you have a story about feeling pressured I would like to know. It could be indirect or direct pressure to run a rapid or a river. You may have succeded and felt awesome or come-a-gutsa and been absolutely worked and never wanted to get in a boat again. I want to look at both aspects, the successes as much as the workings.

An example would be - I was a learner paddler at the Aniwhenua falls, watching experienced paddlers running the falls.

I mentioned to my teacher at the time that I had a dream about running the falls successfully (not that I actually thought I could!) She said "you'd better get in your boat and do it then!" (subtle pressure).

I was uncertain but crumbled and hopped in my boat. Sitting in the pool at the top I was cacking!!! However a few personal motivation chants later and I sucked it in and headed down the shoot....
two seconds later I was screaming with joy!!!! As far as I was concerned I was king of the world.

I am sure people have had equally negative experiences, so I would like to compare the opportunity for both positive and negative outcomes. If you can out with any stories I would be extremely appreciative. You can either post them on the forum or email them to me or both?

Thanks alot, I look forward to hearing a few stories.