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I am from Australia and coming over to New Zealand november to January. I know there are lots of river rescue courses happening but i really need to do a rescue course that is recognised internationally so i can use it back home and employers in Oz will know what it is. I know that rescue 3 runs swiftwater rescue courses that are recognised internationally so i am wondering who runs these courses in NZ and when. Or alternatively are any of the courses run by Sunspots or other companies an international Qual?

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The Rescue 3 International Swiftwater Rescue First Responder (NFPA1670 Operations Level) course is being held in Taupo 13-14 December.

Two day Technician (SRT1) courses will be held in 2004 for those who have completed the two day Responder course.

Course fee $150 - must supply own wetsuit, helmet, pfd, lunch etc.

Be in quick, only a few places left.

For futher information/application form:


Steve Glassey