Tree hazard in Waimakariri

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It has been reported that about 10 minutes up from Gorge Bridge the far left channel flows mostly into some willows. These are apparently difficult to avoid and it has been suggested to me that paddlers should avoid this channel if another is a vailable, or portage around the section with the trees.

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About half way down between Woodstock and the Gorge Bridge (say, 20-30 minutes down from Woodstock) the whole river slides along a bluff on the left then heads straight across to the right hand side of the riverbed. There's also an island or rock about 10m high almost straight ahead.

You need to pass left of the island, then take the right channel (there are 2 big channels) to avoid the real nastiness. However, there are still a couple of trees in the river on the right, but they are eminently avoidable.

Really, it's standard grade 2 braided river stuff, so as usual, pay attention, make your moves early, paddle with someone.

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The main flow is now down the right. The race last weekend kept us well away from these trees. Keep right past the BIG rock in the river 15-20 minutes below Woodstock. There are a few trees down this channel but are easily avoidable

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Just speaking to a mate who is training for the C2C for the first time and has recently complete most of his course from some course provider. Anyway he said a group of these new paddlers went down a week or so ago and had a epic with a willow in the middle of a channel about 10 mins from the gorge bridge. Some bloke changed his mind which way to go around the willow and went straight into the willow. Swam out of that willow and into another and then made it to the far shore and was not keen later to swim across the channel to get his boat. Quite shaken up so I hear.

Cheers for the posting Ian