2004 Swiftwater Rescue Courses

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The following Rescue 3 International Courses are planned for 2004.

Responder:31 Jan - 1 Feb @ Palmerston North $175
Responder: 7-8 February @ Christchurch $225
Responder: 3-4 April @ Wairarapa $185
Technician 1: 28-29 February @ Palmerston North $175

Note: Our Technician 1 requires Responder as pre-requisite, and course information subject to change without notification.

For further information contact me, first in, first serve.


Steve Glassey
Swiftwater Rescue Instructor

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If you are after a River Safety or Rescue course for kayaking then have a look at the Education pages on this website. Go to 'Approved Safety courses', if you do a course with any of these L2's we will refund you a $60 subsidy - so long as you are a member of NZRCA (through a club or individual).

The best way is to get a group of paddlers together and then give them a call. Several of these instructors travel up and down the country so you can try instructors that are outside your area (or on the other Island), they maybe passing through and can run a course for you and some mates.

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I also live in Wellington and am interested in doing a safety course. If there is any info could you forward a copy to me.

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Hi There

Just letting you know that we still have spaces on the June Swiftwater First Responder Course 19-20 June 2004 - Wellington ($200 inc GST).

For more information and application forms visit


We have a few Kayakers do the course and although found it of use we recognise it does not focus around kayak based rescue - in due course we hope to discuss the development of the Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT) programme that would be customised to either kayak or rafting (depending on the audience) and aligned to NZRCA requirements (in due course we will formally approach the NZRCA executive about this, however our priority at the moment is emergency services).


Steve Glassey
Swiftwater Rescue Education Trust

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I am interested in the Swiftwater Rescue in Wellington. Could you please send me some information.

Cheers Tim

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Hi Darren,

Yes.. these certainly will be available.

However, there would be two pre-requisites:

1. Hold current SRT1 qualification
2. Complete Technical Rope Rescue Course (approved)

We are conscious that there are many people with expired (ie over 3 years) SRT quals so we will have to have some spots on the SRT courses coming up where people can revalidate.

We soon will have a website up and running for the charitable education trust that has been established for swiftwater rescue and safety - The Swiftwater Rescue Education Trust. IRD charitable status pending.

The trust is made up mainly of emergency service professionals, who volunteer their time to promote the range of swiftwater rescue training programmes. Some of these programmes are ACC/Water Safety NZ accredited (RiverSafe) and NFPA (national fire protection assoc) certified.

As there is no commerical gain from the courses, the courses will be delivered at minimal cost (as the trust does not employ anyone, we are all volunteers). In fact the more sponorship and grant funding we can secure, courses will become even cheaper.

We will run Swiftwater Responder, Swiftwater Technician 1, Swiftwater Technician Advanced, Technical rope rescue (operations and technician level), Technical Animal Rescue, Whitewater Rescue Technician courses and more...

We are not here to make money, our sole mission is to promote swiftwater rescue and safety... our courses are on average 50% less than corporate class fees set by Rescue 3 International - this is only we have volunteer instructors, and despite the low cost we maintain a 1:6 trainer/student ratio for in water activities.

More information including the website launch will follow.

Current courses planned:

3-4 April (Wellington/Upper Hutt) Swiftwater Responder
5-6 June (Christchurch) Swiftwater Responder
19-20 June (Wellington) Swiftwater Responder
17-18 July (Wellington) Swiftwater Tech 1 (incl fri night)
14-15 August (Auckland) Swiftwater Responder

Thanks for your interest

Steve Glassey
Swiftwater Rescue Education Trust (Inc)

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Hiya Steve
I have the tech 1 swiftwater and am interested in the Tech 2. Will there be any courses at this level?

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Hi Kelly,

We are running a Swiftwater Rescue: First Responder course 3-4 April in Wellington. $200 includes manual, patch, certificate (Rescue 3/NFPA and RiverSafe) and skill Sheet.

If you or anyone else is interested I will send out an application form and info sheet.


Steve Glassey
Swiftwater Rescue Education Trust

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Hey Steve
I would be interested in a refresh swift water rescue course. I am from Rotorua area. Do you have any courses through the winter happening.

Hear from you soon

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Courses Update:

D, if you want to recert you can just come along to the next SRT1 course scheduled 17-18 July (+ Friday night).

The OPS course in the Wairarapa 3-4 April has been moved to Wellington and is all full.

OPS (Responder) course 5-6 June @ Christchurch.
OPS (Responder) course 19-20 June @ Wellington
OPS (Responder) course 14-15 August @ Auckland.

Also WhiteWater Rescue Technician for river professionals could be run in Rotorua/Taupo (2.5 days) if enough interest (Pre-requisites: rafting guide /kayak instructor)

We hope to launch a website in the next few weeks with lots of good information about the courses etc.


Steve Glassey
Swiftwater Rescue Technician Instructor

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I am japanese.Now I am living in Rotorua and training Rafting guide so I need license to river rescue.
Please give me a advice.

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hi steve mike again just confirming i would definitly like to attend the palmy course for the OPS and im not sure but did you count me in for a space on the SRT1?
any way could you please reply to my email with how you want final payment and how to get there ect as im in napier at the mo


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Hi There

Just a qick update:

OPS Palmerston North 31 Jan - 1 Feb - only 2-3 places left.
SRT1 Palmerston North 28-29 Feb - Sorry all full.

Please advise if interested, so we can either get you on a course or place you on the waiting list, the more we have on the waiting list, the more courses we can run :)

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Hi D,

If you certificate is in the past 3 years, then a simple revalidation is fine. We have no revalidations scheduled til after July though.

If your certificate is over 3 years, then we suggest you attend the OPS and SRT1 programmes.

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not sure if first 1 was sent.....i did a rescue 3 course 2 yrs ago and want 2 reval my qual is trhis possible and what course should i enrol for?

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Hi Mike

Thanks for your interest. Exact location is yet to be determined, day 1 for the ops course will be in Ferguson Street. Practical venues are determined by weather, flows etc to ensure we keep within our safety guidelines.

You will need you own basic PPE: wet/dry suit, PFD, helmet, booties/shoes, BYO lunch/snacks, throw bag (optional), whistle, river knife.

The Tech course ideally you should have a technical PFD ie quick release strap etc.

OPS course covers safety, incident management, hydrology, medical considerations, basic rope skills/theory, c spine rolls, aggressive/defensive swimming, throw bags, entrapments, strainer drill, zip lines, boat on tether, and exercises. This course is also providers RIVERSAFE certification.

Tech Course covers contact rescues, patient restraint, tethered swimmer, v lower, vehicle rescues, search techniques, helicopter safety, low head dams, inflated fire hose, boogie boards and more. A very hands on course with lots of scenarios (OPS as a pre-requisite).

Both certified by Rescue 3 International.



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hi im pretty keen for a spot on the palmy responder course and possibly on the tecnician course as well
could you give me some info on where it is, whats needed and an idea of what to expect please