Teenage rodeo comp proposal.

I live on the west coast and I have never seen a rodeo event I do not even know how they work, I may be just ingnorant to such events,if so please tell me. I am pondering the idea of an inter school or teen rodeo competition for thw west coast, south island or even national. I go to school at westland high school ( Bruce Barnes and Sam Rainey are the teachers here. I would like some feedback and I may be able to see a rodeo soon.



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i hate the idea

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i agree with bob about this rodeo comp the only thing is that a i reckon a rodeo school would be better and easier to set up but there are also set backs to my idea as well because we would need someone to teach at the school well im just puting my ideas forward.

p.s.i also reckon there would be alot of students as for there is no rodeo school in nz

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There has been some talk of trying to hold a rodeo over at Tekapo during the Slalom nationals on Easter as the slalom paddlers do not use the top wave for the slalom. That would be a good time and place to try and get it going as it is quite accesable and easy to organise.
If you need some info mail me and i can probably help.