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Does anyone know of any good books or web sites which break down tricks so that you can learn them

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other than a freestyle boat, a phat wave and the willingness to learn, practice and surviving the thrashings, how do i do a donkey flip?

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EJ - Eric Jackson also put out play boatings basics and an advanced DVD. The instruction on it is not the same standard as Ken Whitings, yet it is definately worth a look because the demos and visuals are really sharp. Hope this helps..happy paddlin

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Checkout localpaddler.com and jacksonkayaks.com

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Hey guys,
there are a bunch of good videos and DVD's about.
Playboater hand book version 2
Kayaking with Ken Whiting DVD
Playboating with Ken Whiting DVD

We have also a good selection of instruction videos on VHS that we are getting rid of.

Liquid skills
End Game
Kayaking with EJ

All $25 ea
Or get all 5 for $100 !!!!!

We have lots of other Titles also!

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yeah am after everything from the basic low brace right the way thru.
am quite interested but wud just like to know exactly wat the dvd contains


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You might want to check out www.freestylekayaker.com and go to the moves and technique link.

or you could follown this link (to the same site)


I'm not a good enough paddler to do much of this but it may be useful....

Happy boating!!

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We have DVDs of Ken Whitings which show and teach all the latest and greatest rodeo and WW paddling moves. They cost $59 for the the DVD which includes both of his videos.


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Hi there, I havent got any info but if somebody let u knoe can u forward it to me aswell I'm looking for the same, please