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If you are a Polytech student with an assignment to do, before you post your assignment question on this forum think:

Can I possibly answer my assignment question myself?

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....

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i think that its fine to ask questions for assignments on the board. but i dont think stating an assignment and asking for help is the right way to do it. either ask specific questions or say im doing an assignment on injuries suffered kayaking. i would ask if an injury sufferer would like to talk over the phone or on messenger and do a one on one interview to answer some questions. discussions on here tend to turn into slanging and bullshitting matches anyway.
my 2 Cents

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here here. links and other ideas could be greatly appreciated by people,and whats wrong with some your own ideas, leavin it to individuals to make their own minds on whether or not it could be relavant/true. use your heads as ideas and theoryies have to start somewhere

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there are two reasons that you are wrong on the assignment thing. Ideas can be thrown around by anyone and taken by anyone any way they want to they can expand on them or whatever, and an opinion from someone on rivers doesnt need to be justified by their background or qualifications it is just an opinion which we are all entitled to, open your minds a bit guys it gives the opportunity for dropping in a worthwhile thought.

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yeah u tell em johan i agree!!!

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Thankyou - this is a prime example of what i am on about.

I cannot write an assignment and say some one called Eve on the rivers forum says converstion is the best way to obtain information.... - you could be anyone, from anybackground, any or no level of education and using a false name for all i know.

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the best source of info or learning can take place in general conversations,'s picture

The problem is some people cant tell the difference. Nor do some people realise when some one is taking the p i s s

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Don't you think we should help every body out and our education or knowledge about the outdoors should be shared with others and let the person recieving the information deciefer the difference between fact and complete bullocks. Every body has to start somewhere!'s picture

i dont think a forum like this is a credible source of information. Rememeber the stories about aratiatia with no helmet? Any one can say what ever they like. Certainly no the place to get anwsers for assignments (maybe pointers to where infomation can be found) and certainly not a place to find out lines for rapids like huka falls

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Hmmm - they sound like the actual assignment questions in their entirety!

Maybe not the goer. A brief, to the point question might be ok - not something that requires a book to reply about though...

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Some of the most recent (paraphrased) q's raised on this forum.

First descents of NZ rivers, origins of kayaking in NZ.
Why is kayaking popular? Isn't it too costly/risky/time consuming?
What MSA rules apply?
Maori/Pakeha cultural values re rivers
How would historical printed river info affect adventure recreation paddling?

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It's called interviewing - allbeit remotely.

They can then assimilate replies and !make their own! conclusions. Otherwise all they can do is read books, plagerize from the Net or spend a few years actually boating.

There's a wealth of experienced people who frequent this site. Good resource to use.