Huka Falls

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Please get some one to spot you and have a plan if you might swim in the gorge at 80 cmecs , lucky for one guy yesterday we managed to rescue him out of the pencil sharpener, just a couple of local play boaters from huka hole and some random paddlers in the car park who had a few throwbags and rescue kit. hes a very lucky boy...

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year good saying there is good kayakers and good people to kayak with. but when it comes to huka. if you dont know you can do it then you cant. you should know you can do it. not have to talk yourself into it.

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has many kayakers been held under the falls for a long time?

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He aint the first person to swim huka lately. We draged a guy out from below the pencil sharpner just because we happened to be there when he swam. Before hand the group laughed at us for having throw bags ready. Cockyness comes back to bite ya aye! Hope like hell they learnt there lesson and actually set safety these days but from their attitude im guessing not. Choose who you paddle with, could save your life!!

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lol oh yep

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do you think its about balls ,nah l think its all about madness really , so who is planning to do it any sooner? l would love to come watch just to get that courage .

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damn that is freeky, i have a few m8s that have done huka so many times its just a walk in the park for them now, have always cringed of the thort of huka and after reading about this rescue its totally put me off oven thinking about it. good on those who have the balls haha.

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nice work i hope he bought you a beer

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Well that sounds really freaky .l have always thought Huka was mean compared to some drops l have done.

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Good effort mate:)

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Myself and a mate were playing in huka hole. 4 other paddlers turned up to run the falls and had a warm up in hh with us. We said we would spot these guys and went down to stand on the bridge. Once we got to the bridge we met by chance 2 other boaters who were scouting the falls but decided it was too big that day. We watched the 4 paddlers drop in and run down the gorge. 3 went through no worries but one guy swam in the eddy river left of the pencil sharpener. This eddy will recirculate kayakers and I have seen people making big effort to break out of this eddy if they go in to it.Myself and mate went to the river left bank and by directions from a guy on the river right bank dropped a bouancy aid clipped to a throw bag rope to the chap in the water, meanwhile the 2 other paddlers who had come to look at the falls went to their car and got another couple of throw bags some slings and biners. They found us in the bush and we anchored an end then attached the anchored rope to the throw rope already down the wall to get it to the swimmer. The swimmer then improvised the bouancy aid as a harness.We then hauled away and retrieved him up the gorge wall into the bush. The guy on the river right bank was a great help to direct us with a combo of hand signals and yelling as we couldnt see the chap in the water due to the rounded edge we were working over.
If these other two who were scouting the falls hadnt been there we would have had a bit of trouble doing this rescue, we needed their extra kit as my throw bag alone wouldnt reach.
Next time I wont spot anyone unless I have suitable gear and people to do a rescue, one throw bag isnt enough here.
Like I said in the original message lady luck was on his side that day.

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If you know what happened here perhaps you could make a contribution to our Incident/Accident database?


Glenn Murdoch
Safety Officer

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What happened?

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Would just like to say congratulations to Ben from Ja Adventures on leading a quick and successful rescue at Huka Falls the other day!

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Drive south from Auckland, just north of Taupo take a well sign posted left and follow the road. If you cant find Huka (or the get in/out) you have no business being on the water. Its easy to find. Just attach your big set and check the flow.

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i am player from Slovenija (So√ča river) and i am looking for some gud spots dourin the world. Would you send me the adress about the Hukka Falls, with clips, maps and photos.
Thanks and luck on the wather. Dejan

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Scary isn't it!!
I must be getting old cause I was suprised how many paddlers I saw paddle drops over the weekend without even slowing down to scope them out. Has anyone heard that trees do fall down now and then too. And when a young kid is scared and walking a big rapid maybe it's not so smart to tell him he's a @!#$ and get back to the top and paddle it. That said, have fun!