Boats too big?

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I was wondering what the pros and cons are of paddling a freestlye kayak that is too big? I'm 62kg and like the look of a boat which the min recommended weight is 68kg, its not too big in footroom tho. Cheers

nick0's picture

dude i had a boat that was way to big for me just because im short and this boat was HUGE, i ended up dislocating my sholder and soon swaped boats so just try hit the midle of the weight range

Mike Birch's picture

I'm tall and skinny and have the same problem. My solution has been to find the smallest boat that I can comfortably fit in and squash it.
A big boat won't be a problem on a wave, but if you're trying to get vertical in a hole or on flat water it'll be more difficult.

You can squash a boat by judicious application of heat with a heat gun in the right place followed by pressure over several hours. This is a difficult job and you'll risk weakening the plastic. My recommendation, for your weight, is to try a Bliss-Stick RAD 175 or super RAD 180. Talk to the guys at Bliss-Stick about custom boats (squashed while they're still hot just after coming out of the mould).