Kaituna River

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I'm just wondering are people still doing the Kaituna River, I've read about the blooms but I don't know how bad the situation actually is, if it is at all of course, thoughts would be appreciated.

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Health Warning Lifted for Kaituna River and Okere Arm

A health warning put in place earlier this year due to a bloom of potentially toxic cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) has been lifted for Okere Arm in Lake Rotoiti and the Kaituna River.

“Laboratory testing undertaken by Environment Bay of Plenty staff confirms algal bloom activity seen in recent weeks has now reduced below hazardous levels in Okere Arm, which feeds directly into the Kaituna River,” says Medical Officer of Health Dr Phil Shoemack.

A health warning remains in place for the remainder of Lake Rotoiti and lakes Rotoehu and Okaro.

Weekly monitoring of the lakes will continue and the public will be advised of any further improvement in water quality as soon as possible.

For comment:
Toi Te Ora Public Health
Medical Officer of Health
Dr Phil Shoemack
07 5773320
021 228 5534

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*drools at the water level*

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All the paddlers and raft co's are using the Kaituna as normal
Last summer the water was smelly and green,
this summer the water has been clear and nice and there is only a trace of the alge.
We have had so much rain in the last week that the water level is alternateing between 3x500 and 3x900 the lake is full and it is all fresh rain water...
Go hard