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hi guys im from england and im a canoe/kayak coach over here and i was hoping some one could tell me what qualifications u need in new zealand to coach and work for activity companies.
Any help would be much appriciated.'s picture

NZOIA will hold no relevence for you if you only plan on a working holiday as there is almost no chance that you would be able to obtain the NZOIA qualification during your visit, or at least the cost would make it un practical.
There is no requirement to hold an NZOIA award to work in the kayak industry in NZ.
NZOIA is a purely voluntary orgization not a "Nataional qualification Authority" this can be found on (but if you search this there is also no relevence to coaching kayaking.)
As an employer in the kayak industry, I can tell you that my first anwser is the only requirement - Proof of experience and a current work visa.

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Have a look at the NZOIA website (New Zealand Outdoor Instructor Association) they are the national qualification authority over most outdoor rec stuff.'s picture

Proof of experience and a NZ work permit/visa is all you need.