opinions super rad 180

Hi, I'm thinking about buying a super rad 180. Any opinions about the boat? what about the weight? (it's about 2,5 kg heavier than the rad 185, is this a big drawback?)



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yeah its great in the rivers, i've seen people going done huka falls in one and i take mine out in the surf a bit goes nicely in the big stuff as well as small, i've had it out on waves with about a 2.5m face and it was carving nicely

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The 180 is a sweet boat! Its good for at all, Jakes right it has good Pop and has a slicier nose than the 185 so cartwheels easier. Its also great for running rivers, boofs nice and does what you want it too. Weight shouldn't make too much difference, I'm about 60kg (on a good day :) and wouldn't say it was too heavy.

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I've been in NZ for about four months now, and I've been paddling a Super Rad the whole time. Love the boat. Lots of pop (I can loop now, WOO HOO!), really decent river runner for its size (I feel comfortable in IV-), still solid for vertical moves as well. I haven't noticed the weight to be a problem at all.

I'm leaving the country in a month and a half; I paddle out at the Mangaho slalom course a lot if you want to try 'er out. If you're still looking for a boat when November rolls around I'd sell you this one pretty cheap.