what do u think about the scud

im looking for anyones views on the scud
what do u think?

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Are you not also sponsored by Blissstick?

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Yeah i must say that as a die hard fan of the topo I found the way Aaron and the Scud handled our thrash on the Pohangina yesterday to be quite impressive. The Scuds a little bit oldschool and a little bit ultra new school kind of like L&Ps new bottle labels, but wel and truly a choice kiwi design worthy of being discussed in the same way that the topo was discussed when it came out before i was born!

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Its a wicked, little boat. Easy to paddle once you are used to it. good on every sort of water!!
Sweet boat I rate it

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I started paddling it the second week it came out and have given it a good trashing on the coast. There is always the dilemma about whether to take a play boat or creak boat when going away. The choice is clear on the coast- creakboat The problem is compounded when the car is full of burly kayakers and roof rack space is at a premium. To be honest I did not paddle anything other than the Scud all holidays and had a ball in doing so. The boat is all about stroke timing, although its pretty fast for such a small boat. It's not my favourite boat in really big pushy water, but then again it performs ok if your on the ball and have good boat and blade placement.
Walk-ins are also breeze with this boat. We have made a harness which is pretty comfy so it really feels like a heavy backpack and not like a heavy Mac truck.

The Bliss-Sick marketing hype will have you believe that this is the only boat that you will ever need for everything. While this claim is pretty close, I think they have got the marketing wrong on this point. Clearly there is still room for small playboats that do nothing but play and I think there is still room for bigger creak boats that are more suited to bigger volume rivers and multiday trips. Personally I am thinking about a 3 boat family (money permitting), playboat, scud and a longer creak boat. I am expecting the Scud will get the most use however due to being extremely versatile on a range of different water.

84kg 5ft11in