Perception Napali 470 (with rudder)

what are peoples thoughts on the napali?

i have just brought one, and am keen to find some clubs or people in ChCh to learn with.

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Hey Richard,

I own a Napali 470 with rudder and can highly recommend it for use as an all-round touring sit-on-top as well as a stable platform for fishing & snorkling. Plenty of hatch space too.


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Hey you guys might like to check out
It is free to join up then log onto the Yakyakyak forum. there you can search boats by brand and get reviews and tips etc on all the SOT kayaks used for fishing. You will get a lot more responce than on this forum as this one is a white water site so not too many SOT paddlers here.

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I am looking to replace my dive kayak with a longer boat for greater distances. It should handle well in bad conditions, and be both fast and stable enough to anchor in deep water and get on and off to spearfish and dive for paua and scallops.

Is the Perception Napali the right sort of boat?

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Nice boat - Good tracking & Stability - Only real complain is the neoprene lids as they are a pain in the @!#$ to close up in difficult sea conditions - I am using it for spearfishing and could do with some extra storage space for long guns etc.
All and all a good boat worth of its money