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Hi guys,

I am an Aussie planning a short trip over to NZ. I am interested in doing some paddling while I am there. I am wondering if anyone can suggest some opportunities to do some training or tag along with a trip during May-June (not sure if it's too cold and nobody paddles then). I would rate myself as a reasonably confident paddler in Grade 2-3 rapids. Most of my experience has been at the Olympic whitewater course at Penrith but I have also paddled the lower section of the Barrington River. I can Eskimo roll confidently in whitewater and can do all the basic moves (break in/out, ferry glide, brace, basic surfing, etc) on grade 2-3 rapids. I would be

If anyone can suggest any opportunities I could pursue or wouldn't mind an aussie tagging along with there trip, I would be most grateful.

All the commercial places I have checked out so far appear to be closed for the winter so hoping something else is possible.

Thanks in advance for all responses.

Sydney, Australia

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Hey James, if you`re around in the South Island why not contact the Whitewater Club - Christchurch based. They officially end their WW season 28 May but maybe individuals will be up for a run somewhere during a weekend. I`ve had the pleasure of tagging along on a few trips with them - they`re friendly and welcoming..... even to a pohm like me!