what to get?

hey guys realise you prob get this heaps.... but im looking at getting a white water kayak. im relatively big person 6'1 and 86ish kg. not super experienced just do the local river when its in flood
but keen to do more. I instruct flatwater kayaking so do spend alot of time on the water just not in whitestuff.

im more keen for a river runner than a playboat was thinking about a creeker and like the look of the MAC 1 is there a better boat to get that i can use now as a beginner-intermediate to progress and still be able to use when im better?


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i've just got a MAC1 second hand for instructing on flat and whitewater. looked at getting a mystik but for the price of a new boat was to much. if you look around and wait you can get almost new boats for around $800, as aposed to new boats being in the $1200 range.

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the new bliss-stick boat "Mystic" is meant to be pretty sweet, otherwise the MAC1 is good, as is the Huka.

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i use a mac for instruction on flat and whitewater, it's great. also a top boat for running rivers up to super hard, so yeah go for it!