Discussion Paper - Commercial Kayaking and Canoeing

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Has any one done / working on submissions for Maritime NZ?

Does any one care, interested to see some public discussion on this topic.

It would be interesting to see some of you students out there get involved as it is going to affect the way you get job's in the industry from the end of this year.

Questions to throw out in the public do we want to use the existing documents of NZ kayaking groups like NZOIA, SKOANZ etc to draft the voluntry code of practice?

Or are these same groups so obsolete that no one takes any notice of them, should we take this oportunity to start with a clean slate so to speak?

I think that the membership of groups like NZOIA and SKOANZ represents such a small and insignificant sector of the kayak industry that no one group actually knows how big (or small) the NZ kayak industry really is.

Lots of juicy questions to awnser and no discussion I think that maybe people do not care or they are all working away on the agendas of the group they belong to and hope that it will all go away.......

Free hit ........Come on let me have it.....

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NZRCA has just submitted to Maritime NZ on this Discussion Paper.

The thrust of our submission was that while a standardised national safety standard is a good idea in principle, we feel that there are more urgent issues that MNZ could direct thier funds towards, especially given that the Discussion Paper highlights that the commercial kayaking industry has a very low rate of accidents and deaths.

We submitted that MNZ would be better off addressing two issues:

1. Maritime Rule 91
Despite MNZ making some sensible choices in regard to the section of Rule 91 relating to PFD's, there are still two sections that make kayaking illegal and dangerous. These are sections 6 and 17. See http://www.msa.govt.nz/publications/rules/Mr091.pdf for the Rule.

2. Accident Investigation
Despite repeated advances over the past four years, we still do not have a formal agreement with regard to effective investigation and reporting into kayaking deaths. While Maritime NZ has, of late, employed kayakers to investigate and report accidents, we do not have any assurances that this will continue and that we will not see a return to the days of substandard investigations being done.

We are waiting for a reply from Maritime NZ.