Sea Kayak course by Nigel Foster in Christchurch

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Nigel Foster is an international figure in sea kayaking, known for his writing, instruction, symposium appearances and his kayak designs. He has extensive sea kayaking and instructing experience (see and . Nigel will be running a practical 1-2 day sea kayak course in the Christchurch area on Feb 10-11, 2007. Group size will be 6-12 paddlers and he will be assisted by his experienced wife Kristin Nelson. Content will be flexible and Nigel is used to teaching a variety of paddler levels within the same group. Popular topics include directional control, control in wind, and discovery learning to help you get the best from your own kayak and paddle. Spaces are still available for the 1 or 2 day course, but bookings must be made soon. This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best in a small group setting at a very reasonable price ($100 per person per day). For more info or bookings contact Susan Cade at or phone 04 567 5593.

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CSKNet Mini-forum - Okains Bay - 31 Jan – 01 Feb 2009
Sessions start about 9.30 a.m.

Some people arrive on the Friday night, 30 January. We all camp down towards the far end of the camp ground. Pay at the office in the house on the left hand side before you get to the camp ground. If you get there too late in the evening, pay the next day. Dogs not allowed.

Facilities include two kitchens, toilets and coin-in-the-slot showers in the unit closest to the beach.

Bring a kayak and all the gear. However, even if you don't have a kayak there are still things to learn. There will be the usual sessions, rescues, efficient paddling, fitting out a kayak, trips up or down the coast, surfing if there is any. If this is too energetic for you then you can lie under a pine tree and read a book or sit around drinking coffee and talking kayaking.

Note from Pete Sullivan: –

Assuming there will be a surf session or two at our forum, maybe a 'customise the boat' session prior to this might be a good idea as it's almost impossible to successfully surf a plastic or GRP pig if the occupant is slopping around inside it like a wet sock. Bods will need to bring - closed cell foam (10-12mm thick single bed roll is ideal, Warehouse $7.00 - $8.00 or - get a double at around $14.00 and still have heaps left to sleep on), contact glue (small tin or tube of F2 or something similar), a sheet of 80grit sand paper, a felt pen and a super sharp knife (NT snap off blade jobbie or similar).

If you are interested in customizing your boat at the forum, and making the most of Pete's expertise, please bring the above materials.

Contact :

Sandy Ferguson

Ph (03) 322-9066 or (03) 329-4386


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Em... might be a little late for the 2007 course, but found the info on the net, and since i am in NZ in January, February, March in 2009, maybe some course will be finding place, in the Christchurch area??
My name is Myrna and am living in Norway.

Regards Myrna Dral