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Hi everyone, this is a timly remimder to those who dont wear helmets in the surf to wear a helmet!

On friday at about 2.30pm i was making my way in at Lyall Bay from a great surfing session (3 to 4 foot clean) on a small wave and out of nowhere a dumper appeared, sent my wavesport flyer straight down on its nose and me head first into the sand. If it wasent for me wearing my helmet I could have been seriously injured or paraylised, I ended up with Concussion and possible neck and spinal inqurys and 4 hours layer was being rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Lucky nothing is broken howvever I came off extremly lucky with just physio for 2 weeks and anti mussle spasim pills. The boat suffered a big crack/hole in the front and I am very lucky not to be in a wheelchair. SO WEAR A HELMET IN THE SURF!!!!!!! EVEN U SIT ON TOP PEOPLE!!!! ITS TO DANGEROUS NOT TO! IF I WASNENT WEARING ONE I PROBALLY WOULD HAVE BEEN KNOCKED OUT AND DROWNED!