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I am a student at CPIT conducting some research into kayaking accidents and incidents and how this influences confidence and motivation. I am looking for people to do a taped interview of their experience. If you are interested or would like more information you can post a message with your email address and I can get hold of you or feel free to send me an email at segalhayley@hotmail.com.

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Hey Buddy hows things going? I saw that you were doing this and thought that I have a couple of stories, but cause they are both to do with sea kayaking they might not be any use. Im up in the bay of islands at the mo. One of my kayaking things was that i was the first on the scene to a 19 year old boy who had drowned. (long story, but for our kayaking tours, we kayak up to a waterfall, pple often jump off the cliff around the side of the falls). The boy had done a flip and landed flat on his belly. I was first there, two other guys were in the water with me at the same time, and we did CPR for about 20mins, and then finally took him via a peddle boat to the side where there were ambolence and that and they continued to work on him, but sadly he had passed away. The sad thing was that his mum and dad were there too, as he was on holiday with them from the uk.
The other event which happened was in march, in the big storms up in the bay of islands. a long story to tell it properly but i ended up out kayking at the base of the falls trying to save some kayaks which had been swept out and were stuck in the eddy, a wall of water came down over the already massive falls, and i ended up being hit by a power pole and swam. managed to get to the cliff on the side of the eddy. climbed up there, fell back, swept around the corner, managed to get back to the same spot and climbed up again. liz tryed to paddle out to make sure i was ok, but using rafting signs i told her i was sweet just needed a rope to help me get over a over hang part. all was good, until 2 firetrucks, 2 resue boats, 2 ambolences, and 7 police cars turned up. haha. all was good, they finally threw me the rope and i climbed up and then left and helped with the rising waters and the caravans that were floating.
Not sure if this stuff can be any help to you but thought it was worth a try. Cool mate email me back with how you are and what your goss is, and if you know anyone thatis after a crusiy sea kayaking job in the bay of islands just let me know. my cell is 027 3386 113 x