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Hi anyone,

Could some one direct me to a site where there has information about Whitewater slalom in NZ. I need to find anything there is to know. ie, rules, what the gates are made of, maximum grade of river races are held on, judges (how many?)etc. thanks heaps


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There is heaps of slalom info on the web. Even Wikipedia is good.

For the official site go here


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Great!! I will contact you soon with tonnes of questions.

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cheers mate. The sight dont seem to have the techinal stuff about slalom, ie, rules, grades races can be held on. And also some history of the sport would be interesting to know as well. Thanks for the response though. I will give Andy a call.

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Hi Marc, anything at all that you want to know. Feel free to call me on 07 345 7467 and I can answer all your slalom questions. Andy Fuller/Day Two

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