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I've heard that you can get some sort of shoulder restraint that stops you from raising your elbow above shoulder level (in order to prevent shoulder dislocation).
Has anyone heard of, or uses such a thing, or can provide info about this ?


frankie.morgan-stock's picture

I am an occupational therapist and have a client who has a very unstable right shoulder joint which dislocates very frequently. I am interested in the shoulder restraint you have designed. my client has been quite a successful artist and has been in full time work. She is noe unable to work and can only mamage part of very few household tasks. At present she does not have a shoulder restraint but uses a make shift optionwhich has a neck strap. This is unsatisfactory.
Could you email me a visual of the restraint you have designed, twll me of the material it is made with,the cost of this inclusive of freightand where measurements need to be taken
Thank you for your help

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Hi Margie

Is this recommended for a rugby player with subluxation of the shoulders?

Can it be used on both shoulders at once?

Cost please and how long for delivery?

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Hi there.
I have designed and patented a shoulder brace to decrease the risk of dislocation when paddling and doing other sports (rugby / skiing). It has been on the market for just over a year and the feedback has been really positive. I am a physio and have extensive experience working with canoeists and kayakers after working with British Canoeing for 5 years in the lead up to, and through Athens Olympics. The braces can be bought on-line ( with a credit card. You need a measurement around your bicep (not flexed) and around your chest. Please e-mail if you have any questions.



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a wise man once said"if you do something and it hearts,don't do it."The brace does not stop you from lifting your arm above your head but its not the best place for it to be when kayaking anyway.I found having a session of paddling backwards once or twice a week helped allot with strengthening my shoulder and its a good exercise to develop the muscles in the shoulder you need to call on in situations (getting worked in a bus sized hole) and lessen the risk of dislocation.As for swimming get a bomb prof roll.

andy14's picture

Thanks for that Aaron. Have had a look at that site and the Instability Brace looks interesting. Have emailed them for more info and will talk to my physio about it further as well.
Btw, how does this affect swimming (if I can't raise my elbow above my shoulder, which i think is what I'm trying to do) ?

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hay andy. i have a shoulder that keeps subluxing(i think thats how you spell it)any way it keeps sliding forward out of the socket. my physio got me a brace witch i can use when kayaking think it was about $140.even thou it was designed by a member of the ausie kayaking team it works very's made by a company called flawless braces and on the label it has a web address . hope this helps.

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Hi Andy,

I have not had any personal experience with shoulder braces but I know that they are out there. Check out as I recall people posting about braces, if you use the search function (under the Reference tab) you should be able to pull up some old posts or reviews. Alternatively you could just post a message in the BoaterTalk forum- there are usually lots of people willing to give advice etc.