aniwhenua falls incidents?

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hi, went to paddle some mates off aniwhenua falls today but decided against it. i have done it lots, but not for a couple of years. it looks like it has changed since i last did it, and seems to have a wider flow after the chute and off the edge with more pronounced rocks jutting out in the middle line. lots of novices still paddling it? has any one hit these rocks and hurt themselves? thanks

(also posted in access,touring & hazards forum)

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@!#$ Regan

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it is do-able but you need to have a decent amount of speed and the right line(fairly far right) to clear the ledge on the way down.

first time i minted it, second time i clipped the ledge with tail of boat... tumbled and landed upside down.(was a bit sore but nothing else.)

I think it needs to be taken sereiously, because if you do stuff it up it could do some damage.

however i think if you are paddling at 3 - 3+ it is nothing to worry about.

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my mate rolled just before the falls trying to shute out river left.
not so good for the face aye mate! must be why he dont get as much chicks as me aye! haha

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i paddled it when it was in higher flow but have seen some pretty harsh consequencies in the last year with misjudgments running it

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we did a club trip up there in 06 i think and our first man off went off the middle and put his back out. i then went off second and went of river right. about one meter from the wall and it seemed fine. there was about10 to 15 more runs done that weekend and had no more problems. so would say try the right side. and we are going back up this labour weekend in october will see then.

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sorry just to say the fall change after the floods in 2005

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hi there yes have hit the rocks not good for the back.

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Broke my back on it about 5 years ago. Video evidence indicates that the difference between my line and the person before me was negligible. No damage to the boat, no obvious rocks to hit either (and despite the comments made at the time I do have some experience in a kayak).