Dry ears??

I managed to score myself a nasty ear infection through getting water in the ear. The doc says I have to keep my ears dry now. Needless to say I'm not too happy about this idea as it pretty much sidelines me from paddling. Has anyone found anything out that keeps 100% of water out and isn't too expensive? How badly will this impede my ability to hear people talking / yelling warnings etc when on the river??

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Be careful as this can be bad advise, every time you use the drops after getting wet you are speeding up the bone growth..... it may feel good in the short term but you may be doing more damage than good in the long run.
The bone actually grows layers in the inside of your ear as the water evaporates as the inside of your ears is the warmest part of your body. This is what closes the hole and the water gets trapped inside. The wax is your natural insulation and water repallant and the drops often disolve this speeding up the damage, as do cotton buds and ear plugs that you push into the hole.
Wear good earplugs if you want to ovoid an expensive and painful operation.... and have a long life in the water.

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I use hearing aids, swim in chlorinated pools, surf, and do some WW. Have huge problems with ears. Have fancy earplugs for pools, but best, try VOSOL ear drops - about $10 from the chemist, use a couple of drops to get all the water out after each immersion. Also, hte last time I had an infection, the Dr gave me some hydrogen peroxide drops, to clean the ears once a week. Seems to be working so far. But VOSOL is good.

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yeah blue tac's the way to go, dirt cheap and easy to put in

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I used to get really bad ear infections all the time,these are really good (no infections since I have used them-4 years),and you can still hear through them.Cost about $20.

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Check out the link this is the only way to go for kayaking they work and are relativly cheap and easy to use and you can still hear well while using them...
you can buy them at River Rats Raft and kayak in Rotorua (Ex Sunpots Kayak Shop)

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Blu-tac, Yup that blue stuff you use to hold up posters, get a ball and play around until you have a blob that fits and seals up you ear, you cant hear through it, but works really good, used to use it when i was a kid and had grommets.

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I tried these things made by Ear pro (owned by surefire) that were ear plugs made for shooting etc that would block loud sounds but you could still hear normal sounds. They seemed like they would keep water out just fine and you can hear well with them. They are pretty cheap but I don't know what availability is like here.

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thanks i'll check them out.

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I haven't tried them myself but several people have had good results with ear-plugs for surfers.