What would you recommend for a decent pin kit?

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Just thinking about getting a decent pin kit together (hopefully I never have to use it!) What are the tried and true things I should have in one that will work if I need it to?

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Remember the essential pyramid of priorities when it comes to kayak safety and rescue:

  1. Prevention. Put the most effort and time into prevention. Learn to paddle, learn to protect rapids, learn to walk rapids, learn to swim in the river.
  2. Swift response. Learn techniques for swift rescue if someone gets it wrong. Using ropes and pullies and prussics and mechanical advantage is a last-ditch effort, probably to retrieve a boat or body.
  3. Mechanical rescue. Finally, get out the ropes and toys and go to work. This is the last thing to learn, the top of the pyramid.

To understand this, you need to do a rescue course and PRACTICE with your buddies. Oh yeah, don't forget to PRACTICE.

Where to after the last river has been dammed...???

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Yes very true, Push the safety side of things with every paddler that you know. Repack your throw bag before you put on and make sure to throw it every time you paddle. Practice makes perfect, and always remember to grab the rope.....

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year go with marlows list but would add some more carabiners and prussics. but the best thing you can do is do a course so you know how to use it and paddle with good mates who know how to use it too.

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Be careful on the tubing. There is only so much air you can move in and out of your lungs. With a meter of tube you would likely be breathing in the air you exhale, which doesn't have much oxygen in it.

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A buch of mates that you boat with reg....A rescue course.....the stuff Marlow said...and perhaps a lenght of plastic tube (a meter?)to establish an airway

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marlows list but add a good 5m sling and you'll be all kaping.

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Definately do a rescue course, no point in carrying stuff you have no idea how to use.

Best idea is to keep it simple and know your gear well

heres an idea
2 prussics
2 carabiners
2 pullys
throw bag

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Sure. Maybe do a rescue course? They will show you how to use, what you need.

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They have those in the shop that sells long waits and pedo files right?

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If you can track down a sky-hook these are all you need